R3iLab’s missions

The Immaterial Innovation for Industry Network (R3iLab) is a network intended for professionals in textiles, fashion and associated industries. It aims, with government support, to promote increased use of innovation, particularly of the immaterial kind, and creativity in the widest sense within these sectors.

R3iLab’s mission, which has gained active support and financial backing from the government, is based on implementing public-interest projects carried out by operational teams in partnership with active business leaders. These projects are open to companies wishing to actively participate in these and to hereby benefit from close collaboration with other members in the network.

R3iLab is also a cross-sector laboratory targeted at boosting reflection and providing input for action on subjects linked to innovation and to the organisation of innovation. Its aim is to overcome classic differentiation principles as they have hitherto been applied within the garment sector, through cross-fertilisation specific to the organisations via networking. And to help companies to identify and shape their own innovative potential.


The Institut Français de la Mode is the training, research and expertise center dedicated to the fashion-design-creation sectors. Created in 1986 at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Textile and Fashion Professions, its mission is to support the development of the fashion and design industries through skills development and anticipation. future changes. A place of expression, meetings and professional exchanges, the IFM aims to boost creativity and innovation within companies and to contribute to the influence “fashion and design” of Paris and France. Since 2009 at the request of the french ministry of Economics (Entreprise Direction- DGE), the IFM hosts and manages the activities of R3iLab.


The Ministry of the Economy of Industry and Employment, via the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE), has supported and financed the R3iLab network since its creation. In the final report of the working group “Consumer goods”, of the États généraux de l’Industrie, the Ministry renewed the desire to set up a competitiveness cluster “intangible innovation” with the development of a national resource center of immaterial innovation. The R3iLab is currently actively involved in the New France Industrial Plan led by the General Directorate of Enterprises.

Le Ministère de l'Économie et la DGE partenaires du R3iLab

The R3iLab-Futurs Immediats exhibition / Maison & Objet 2015

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